How Do I Pay For Flight School?


There have been quite a few news stories as of late about the airline industry being short of pilots. Because of this, there will be a rush on getting a commercial pilots license. It only takes a year and it costs $70,000, but with living expenses it will be much higher.

A lot of you are wondering how to pay for flight school or where do you find financing for flight school?

Have you ever wondered why you see athletes wearing name brand clothing?

They have learned an important secret – “SELF-MARKETING”!

They do this in order to acquire SPONSORS and these sponsors in turn provide funding to help or to totally “PAY THEIR WAY”.

For example: Rodeo Competitors, Race Car Drivers, and Golfers!

So let us begin by teaching you the fundamentals of “SELF MARKETING”!

Please DO NOT start your career in DEBT!


The answer is ALWAYS no until you ask!

Who are you?

  • Your likes
  • Your Dislikes
  • What are you good at?
  • What are you not good at?
  • Hobbies
  • Pastimes
  • Community Service

These are things one needs to know. The best way to find these things out is to write a short summarization about you. Then have each of your parents do the same! You should also get your best friend or friends (no collaborating), your favorite teacher, also your LEAST favorite teacher and possibly an objective Aunt or Uncle to do this as well.

Once you have all these written summaries simply sit down with your parents, read over them together and you should get a good feel for who you really are, then you can discern where and who you should contact for applications to see what you qualify for when seeking money for college.

Just remember to include ALL of your hobbies, community service and any and all odd jobs you have done including those that you have done for your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends parents as well as helping another friend with a class they may be struggling with (TUTORING).

Where do I apply?

Always try to find the name of the contact person at each organization. It will be important later!

First go online and look at a scholarship search engine. When you have finished finding the place/s to contact then contact any and ALL of them. You will also want to contact the businesses that manufacture the products that you use in your hobbies, pastimes, odd jobs etc. As an example do you play Volleyball? Contact ANY companies that make Volleyballs, the nets, the knee pads, tennis shoes, uniforms, hair clips, tape for your fingers, arm and wrist braces etc. Who knows, you may actually be the first student to ask a business for a scholarship and although they may have never offered a scholarship in the past this may have been a very good year for them or possibly the topic has come up at a recent board meeting to help boost their market presence, whatever but when your request comes before their board at the right time and you are awarded their FIRST “annual” scholarship.



What happens if they have met their quota for the year?

Always get an application! And then request to be put in the mix for the next award process! Most of the time you will apply at least once a year and there are those places where you will need to apply once a semester.

Remember you are going to school for at least four years, usually. You must look ahead.

How many should I apply for?


Some give out graduating scholarships meaning simply that they may start out small and each time you re-apply and/or receive anything from them, and please understand it may not ALWAYS be money, you go up the “ladder” as it were toward larger awards. Some give out little or no money but are very good to have on your resume! They may cover all your books – paper supplies, special lab needs, auto stipend, housing allowance, food and/or a grocery stipend and on and on.

Case in point – several years ago an international poetry organization gave out no money but would publish your poem. When they re-published they would send you a form requesting the right to re-print your Poem. As soon as they re-printed you might be able to receive royalties or at least be able to put on your resume that you were an internationally published Poet. (NICE THING TO HAVE ON YOUR RESUME).


What should I do after I have applied and am waiting?

This is actually where the real fun begins.

What I mean is that this is where you really start to make the process personal, making each application yours and MARKETING YOURSELF!

Choose your two favorite colors. One will become your paper, postcard and envelope color and one will become your ink color.

You will need to order some pens; a Bic style pen works fine. There are many pen companies out there to pick from and they seem to always have some type of special in order to get new business – so do shop around for the best price. Once you have found the best prices order about 50 – 100 dependent upon where the price break is then have your name and phone number printed on the barrel of the pens in you paper color and then have the cap be you ink color.

This will become a very large marketing tool as you go through the scholarship process and you will use this again when you go to get a job. One of the nice things about computers is that it makes home publishing easy.

As an example we’ll say you want to go into Engineering but you are also a really good basketball player. Simply take a post card (your color) and place a picture of your type of engineering on the front/main side as a background image and on the flip side use a picture of a basketball player as a background image. This way when you send out updates people will start to see your brand.

What to do when the application arrives?

When you get an application from someone you make a copy on to your colored stationary that has the background pictures already on it and now the application has been personalized.

Now simply fill it out and send it back your special way.

What is my Special Way?

When you send your personalized application/s back you send it to care of (c/o) the contact person that you found earlier. Send the application in a large, flat, manila envelope. Do not fold the application!

The reason you don’t fold the application is because you are going to send one of you pens in the envelope as well. This will give you recognition as well as working to ensure that your envelope ends up on top because everything else will have a tendency to slide off of your large, flat, manila envelope with your pen in it!

Now what?

You have filled out all the applications and returned in your own special way after making the application your own. Now what do you do until you get an answer?

In most cases you simply wait but not you and here is the reason why. In most cases when you filled out the application you were given a “decision” date.

This is a crucial date for you as this is another opportunity for “Marketing Yourself

If there is a large time lapse between your application and the “decision” date then you just might wish to send some updates. These are very special updates. These updates will include anything new that has to do with them or your application with them. Let’s say you’re a horse person and you have recently competed in some event. You can give them an update on how you did and how their product assisted you in your outcome. You would put that information on a personal postcard and send it to the contact person. REMEMBER THE SQUEAKY WHEEL GETS THE GREASE!! And in this case you’re the squeaky wheel and their money for your schooling is the grease.

This is especially important if you have missed the deadline for this year and will be put on a list for next time. You want to give updates at least every six weeks.

If you have missed a deadline don’t fret because by the time the next dead line comes they will know who you are. They will have many one-page applications from many others but from you they will have come to know who you are.

Example: Bob goes into the boardroom for the annual scholarship meeting and in with him comes a cart with all the applications. When they open yours what do they see? They see an application of a different color with something beside blue or black ink. The chairman chuckles “Look what we have here! An application of a different color, does anybody have any comments?” Bob raises his hand and says,” Boss, that application originally came in just after the dead line last year. Since then, we have received quite a few updates from them and I would like to recommend them for the scholarship.” Then Bob passes your updates around the room. Everybody looks at them and the Boss thinks to himself. I like this one. Let’s keep on eye on them and see how they progress. So from this example one can see why it is important to stay in touch.

REMEMBER THAT EACH TIME SOMEONE SAYS YES you will add the company’s information and the contact person to your resume for use at a later time.


Find out why. Stay in contact. Maybe what ever caused you to get turned down for something you qualified for has a time limit or if you stay in touch you may be able to ask your contact person if there is anything that can be done to change the outcome during the next go around.



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