The Best Way to Promote Your Book Online

Nobody knows your book better than you and the best way to promote your book online is for your to do it. So now we need to do is to look into what is the best solution for you.

For the Shelfbook-shelf

Hardback books are great to hold. They have a feel all their own. If it is leather, after a time it will create its own smell and that is great. I have shelves full of old books. But there is a problem and that is we live in a digital age. Don’t get me wrong I love a good hard back book or even paperback and I have the book shelves and boxes to prove it. As I am writing this, I have two hard back leather books in front of me.

Digital vs. Bound

Litterly having a bound book in hand is great but it comes with some drawbacks, they are bulky. They take up room and need to be dusted every so often. Also, every time you move it can be a pain to pack up and take them with you.

Digital on the other hand is here to stay and once you get use to reading on a screen or your phone the world of reading is at your finger tips. Also, a digital copy of a book doesn’t take up too much space and has no additional weight.

No matter which type of book you are going to publish you are going to need to design a cover. If you are going to hire it out and have someone else do your cover depending on the quality you want it will run from $100 – $1,500 depending on the quality you want. Digital will be on the low end. You can always go to Canva and build your own book cover. They do have a free section.

For a bound book you would like to have reviews that are on the back. For digital maybe inside on page two or so. The Easiest way to get a review is find your friends and have them read your book and then write a short statement on how they liked it. Simple!

As I stated earlier the best way to promote your book online is for you to do it yourself. True you can hire others to do it like Amazon but the more people you get involved the more your profit margin will go down. I have found to truly do self promotion you are going to need a website. With a website you get to write about your book and promote it all over the world.


You loved writing your book and now through the use of words you get to promote your own book. Being an author myself sometimes it is difficult to promote your self and you need a little help. This is where my friends at Wealthy Affiliate come in. They will not only show you how to get started for free, with the use of keywords and with your content. You can get feed back every step of the way which is really good because with the constant feed back your promotional campaign will get refined.

People who have promoted their book through their own website usually write the first couple of chapters and sometimes the first three so that the reader gets hooked on the story. Then at the end of your first few chapters is where you have them buy the whole book and then it is digitally downloaded to them.

Everything you need for this process is found at Wealthy Affiliate. They continue to help me every day. Have fun promoting your book and good luck. For more information on them click here.

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