Wealthy Affiliate Review – What can I get for “Free”

If you want to make money online Wealthy Affiliate is, in my opinion, the best place to do it. The questions are what will it cost me? $0.00!! What can I get for free? The answer-quite a lot at Wealthy Affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to build 2 fully secure Word Press websites. During your first 7 days with Wealthy Affiliate you will receive One on One Coaching FREE. They will build your website in about 30 seconds, yes I said in 30 seconds. True your site will be “raw” but through their “Getting Started” program you will get 10 lessons on how to get it up and running. All of this they will provide for you for FREE. Who are they?

Wealthy Affiliate – Overview and Rankings

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Carson & KyleFree Membership

Website URL:: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Training: 4.9 out of 5.0

Support: 4.9 out of 5.0

Cost: Free for the starter Member.

Pros/Cons For Wealthy Affiliate

The Pros are easy it is FREE!

The Cons are easy too. You have to do the work nobody is going to do it for you.

Who Is It For

It doesn’t matter whether you are in school, out of school. Whether you are a beginner and just got your first computer or you have been working with websites for years. This is for you!



Wealthy Affiliate has tools in place that will help you with ever step of the way. My favorite tool is the one I am using as I write this review. It is called the Site Content tool. I am not a good writer and my spelling stinks so that is why I like the Site Content tool. If fixes my spelling, checks my grammar and punctuation, so it looks professional.

Here are the starting courses you get:

  1. Getting Started

    As you get started at Wealthy Affiliate Kyle introduces you to what to expect as you start your journey. Kyle breaks down the journey into 4 easy to understand steps. 1) Choosing your interest.  2) Building your website 3) Attracting visitors to your site and 4) How  to Earn Revenue.

    Choosing Your Direction (What is your niche)

    The great thing about choosing your niche or direction that you wish to take is there are no limits to what it can be. You start by putting a list together of your likes, hobbies, things you know a lot about or even something you know nothing about but what to know. Sometimes this might be for the best because as you learn about a subject you can share your knowledge to the world. I guarantee that there are people out there who want to know what you have learned.

    Build your Website

    Building your website used to be difficult but at Wealthy Affiliate that have taken all the guesswork and technical training that one used to need to build a WordPress website and combined it into a very easy to use Site Builder Platform. You pick the name you want for your site at their Siterubix Domain name platform. Once you have picked your name and it is available then you then add your title. After that you can pick from 12 different themes for your site. Once you have followed the steps you click enter and about 30 seconds later there is your website.

    Set Up Your Website Kyle, then will help you to log into your website through a secure server that backs up your website also. Kyle then guides you through so you can understand what you have at your fingertips and how to use it.

    Activating Your Plugins Your site comes with 2 automatic plugins to make your life easier 1) the ewww image optimizer (Reduce file sizes for images within WordPress) 2) All in one SEO

    Getting Your Website Ready For SEO

    Through Search Engine Optimization, the goal is to get ranked with the big 3 Google, Bing and Yahoo. This can be done through the content you write about a subject, it can be down through keywords.

    First though you are going to need to set up your home page on your website with a title and a description. Kyle will walk you through this process.

    Your Initial Framework

    As you build out your brand on who you are and what your niche is on the Internet you will need a couple of important pages on your website a Privacy and About Me pages. Again Kyle will help you here.

    Understanding The Keyword Research Process

    Usually when we think about keywords we concentrate on one or two words but as you will find out from Kyle there is a very interesting process on how to come up with keywords. Wealthy Affiliate even supplies you with a free keyword tool to help with this process.

    Rewarding Yourself

    When you get to this point in your training, you will have found out how to put together a website and the understanding the process in a short time frame. IMAGINE what you can do in three months, six months or even a year.


    One thing that is great here at Wealthy Affiliate is that you can always get help, always = 24/7. At the top of every page you can type in your question 24 hours a day and someone will help you. There are also multiple helps on each and every page. Another item that you will find at Wealthy Affiliate is that every member has a place to blog, which is share with every one who is following you and you can read the blogs of every one you are following. This helps because when someone has an “Aha Moment” they share it with everyone who is following them. This allows for people to pay if forward and help others. Come and connect with the world!


As I stated earlier a starter membership is FREE!


Final Thoughts

“What can I get for “Free”. As I stated upfront I don’t know of another place that gives you 2 Word Press websites that are secure and setup for the Internet and will teach you how to operate them for Free. Since you have gotten this far you really should sign up for Free and give it a try What do you have to lose? It’s FREE!

Hope to see you with your successful sites at Wealthy Affiliate.

4 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review – What can I get for “Free””

  1. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is everything you have presented here. As a member of WA for just over 3 months now I have found that the step by step lessons can be easily followed.

    I have worked in a few different programs over the year with some success on paper but nothing in the pocket. I have also known with other programs they suck you in just to have you invest more. Then you are in the program over your head financially.

    NOT in the WA platform. After the first 7 days, you start building your foundation, the MOST important part of any program. I am 110% positive anyone can follow the WA platform.

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